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Mass migration of torrents & being able to manipulate edit locations


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This was posted by someone and I agree with him that its quite a cumbersome process. I am not sure why this was moved to trash since I think it was a valid request.


Especially, since I use a laptop and most of the time I end up directing / downloading Torrents to one of SEVERAL external hard disk drives (HDD). At times I change where I keep the .Torrent files and at times I change the PATHS of the Data Files depending on what I might want to SEED or what might have been requested by someone for me to SEED.

Lots of reasons why I need to move & relocate them between several HDDs.

The locations of ".torrent" & "actual download" files is present somewhere on the system ( I dont know where).

I am not even asking for a feature and I'd be willing to develop a little application / manual method by which I can

- Find where this information is located

- Be able to easily edit / change it (using a Text editor or XML editor or even better Excel or a DB Tool)

- Maybe later create an application for that or hopefully new uTorrent will have that feature.




How about a menu item for torrents that allow you to relocate torrents. That is move them from the current folder to another while retaining the record in µTorrent. I currently do this in a elaborate process as follows:

1. Stop the torrent in question

2. Moving the torrent's associated files and/or folders.

3. Right-clicking the torrent in µTorrent choosing Advanced->Set download location to get µTorrent up to date with the whereabouts of the files.

4. Starting the torrent again (to keep seeding it).

This process does not seem like such a trouble when you only are dealing with a few torrents, but if you want to move several torrents in one go it does take a lot of manual clicking around with your mouse which gets really boring after a while.


If there is such a solution please do let me know.

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As this a request I've asked myself, I've decided to write an app to allow editing of resume.dat ! It is (poorly, for the time being) written in JAVA and allows you to export whole resume.dat content to XML format (for editing and mass change) and then back to resume.dat. There is no GUI, extended testing is needed, but if someone fancies


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