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Panda Antivirus 2007 keeps renaming the utorrent.exe file


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I have recently noticed that my antivrus program (panda antivrus 2007) keeps renaming the utorrent.exe file saying that it is an unknown threat. It doesn't matter if the client is running or not, just renames it. I've tried to exclude utorrent from its threats database but the stupid thing doesn't even have that option.

I'm currently running utorrent v1.7.3.

The other day i got a pop up when i started up utorrent saying that v1.7.3 was available so i obliged and everything went fine (i should probably mention at this point that previous to this i had been using v1.7.2 without ANY issues for as long as i can remember alongside panda). Then yesterday another popup saying that v1.7.4 was available. I did wonder why an update was released so quickly but let it do it's update and once more everything was fine. That is until later in the evening when panda decides to see it as a threat and renames it. At this point i'm thinking maybe v1.7.4 doesn't like panda or vice versa, so I went looking for v1.7.3 again. After aimlessly looking around the net i finally gave up and decided to try downloading again. When i started utorrent up i was surprised to find it showing v.1.7.3 in the titlebar - did this thing read my mind? methinks not! i figured it must have not done the update properly, and decided that i'd stick with this version and used it for the rest of the day without issue. I'm d/loading a fairly large torrent so i decide to leave it running overnight but when i check it this morning i find that panda's done it again! Aaargh!

I had a gander through panda's scan results and found something interesting - both times it renamed the program at 10:37pm.

just to clarify, i originally had v1.7.2 running > upgrading to v1.7.3 (working fine) > upgraded to v1.7.4 (panda renames so i go back to v1.7.3 but panda renames that too).

I may be completely wrong here and the updates might have nothing to do with it.

If anyone can shed some light on this matter i would be very grateful,


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sorry if i'm sounding like a noob but i tried excluding utorrent from the heuristic detection like you said but the only option under that area in panda 2007 is to exclude a spyware program which it has in its database. It doesn't seem to allow me to exclude a program of my choice.

Any ideas?

Once again, thanks for your help.

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For some reason, Panda and the newer versions of Utorrent don't like each other. Panda is putting Utorrent's "C:\Recycler" list into a "dangerous" catagory. If you did a scan Panda renamed the file and that is the problem

All of Utorrent's torrents are listed under the Recycler file....so, Panda is blocking the entire file or when you do a scan it is RENAMING the file.

I just upgraded to Panda Internet Security 2008, in that version go scan. That is; click on the scan icon. This will take you to a page where there is a "settings" bar. Click this open and click the exclusions tab. Once you are there, add the Recycler file to the excluded directories.....this should allow Utorrent to operate normally from there on.

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I would try that if i had the same version as you, but all i have is Panda AntiVirus 2007 and its functions are a bit simple...i've still got a couple of months before i need to upgrade and since i was thinking of changing up to panda internet security 2008 at that time i'll do what you said.

until then i've turned off the heuristic scan altogether and that's fixed the problem...i'm using the latest version of utorrent now without any issues.

thanks for your help johnboyy2g.

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