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Smartax MT882 speed problems


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Is anyone else having problems with slow downloads using the smartax mt882 modem? Well I having been struggling with slow speeds for a while now I've got the yellow triangle and the port was never open I followed the instructions on portforward and hit a problem when it said to input my static ip in the virtual server section but there was no virtual server section anyway I changed a few things in the modem now my speeds are beween 150 and 200 kB/s when they used to be 40 to 50.

I went to the section firewall (which i had previously disabled with no change) and changed the following to

Blacklist Status Disable

Blacklist Period(min) 10

Attack Protection Disable

DOS Protection Disable

Max Half open TCP Conn. 60

Max ICMP Conn. 60

Max Single Host Conn. 70

Dont know if this will work for anyone else but it did for me :D

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