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Stealthed Ports?


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I'm sorry to bring this up, because I know this has been brought up plenty of times before, but as I've been looking through, I've not really found a solution that's helped me. If I have missed something then I apologise.

Anyway, I'm having the yellow triangle problem with utorrent. Previously I was running a computer with XP, and I set up the portforwarding through my BT HomeHub. With that it worked perfectly fine. I had the green tick and the port checker stated it was open. At the time I was using AVG Free and ZoneAlarm Pro.

Now I bought a whole new PC and it's running Vista Ultimate. I set up things the same as before as far as I know, but I always have the yellow triangle and the port checker states that it's closed. The difference now is that I have the free version of ZoneAlarm (should this make any difference even if I make exceptions the same way?). I also have the Windows Firewall running as well and the exception has been made in that as well. I don't believe turning the Windows Firewall off made any difference.

Now I noticed some other port checker, I forget the exact website now, but I think it might have been that Shields Up! website. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, I checked my port with that and it states that it is stealthed.

I'm not really sure why this was working before but not now. I don't understand how it can be any different.

Just a summary of my setup

utorrent 1.7.4

Firewall: ZoneAlarm Free

Anti Virus: AVG Free

OS: Vista Ultimate

Router: BT HomeHub

ISP: BT Broadband

EDIT: Well thanks. I guess I'm not going to get much help. Just thought I would add that now it's no longer yellow, but constantly red. I've changed the ports incase some were being blocked but it's not helped. I have no idea what's wrong and I guess I'll never find out.

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