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I'm getting a brand new PC, how do I ...


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I'm wondering about installing µTorrent on the new machine (with Vista) and having the downloading and uploading go on as it should. The machine I'm using now (with XPs2) will be put in another part of the house and only have a dial-up connection. (I may get a wireless router eventually). I now am using ADSL.

I recently bought an external 320GB hard drive (because this pc has only a 40GB hd) which ought to make transfering files from this puter to the next a lot easier. In fact, All my torrents and downloads go to that drive now, though the µTorrent program files are on the internal drive.

I wonder if i could just move all my µTorrent.exe program files to the external hard drive and then onto the new machine or if it'd be better to just download a new instance of µTorrent ( 1.7.4 Stable for Vista)? Also, I will want to move all my torrents and downloaded files onto the new machine's hard drive so my external drive doesn't get used so much.

Perhaps this is all easier than I'm imagining, because I'm still pretty new to computer stuff. Wondering if there's anything I need to know that I don't.


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