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hi a newb question about episode filters


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i have utorrent 1.7.4 I want to set a filter to download a show from episodes 48 onward. im a complete noob on this. the show doesnt have any separate seasons or etc. so how would the filter look like. since its an anime it wouldnt have the 1x (seasons etc). so i dont know how to set the filter. if i type 48-50 or something without the 1x the box turns red. the filter also dont work as all the shows before 48 also got downloaded.

typical file name

[show name] - 48.avi

[show name] - 49.avi


i know it can be done with history but i have two rss feeds. both from different sites. one site may release it quicker and vice versa. so i want to have it download from the first site the ep comes out on and not download it again when the other site releases it. (ie: smart ep filter). so history alone isnt enough

so how do i go about this?

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