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Unable to save .torrent to location specified


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Now, this is the first time I've had to do this. Usually, you download a .torrent file right through your browser and can specify where it's saved on your hard drive. For this problem, I must use an .exe file that both saves the torrent file and runs the torrent. When I run the .exe, it works fine, brings up utorrent, specifies the files I'm downloading, and I click "ok".

Fairly simple.

Anyway, the problem comes in here. I get the error message "Unable to save .torrent to C:\documents and settings\User\application data\utorrent\'filename'"

But I can't change where I'm saving the torrent file too, nor find any other source for the torrent.

Can anyone help me out?

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Are you using just Internet Explorer or Firefox to download?

If your using IE you could try using a Download manager to download the file,some sites don't like them however because some use multiple connections to speed up downloads.

I think the one I used before I got Firefox was Download Accelerator. Which was useful for downloading files on sites that were 'locked' =]

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Well, that's just the problem. The error message isn't from firefox (that's what I'm using as a browser) because I have to run it from this .exe file. I mean, I could be specific about what the file is, in truth it's for the MMO silkroad online. They offer their game to be downloaded not from their servers, but through peers and utorrent.

www.silkroadonline.net is the source of the .exe

But it's once I'm in utorrent, after I've confirmed what files I want downloaded that it brings up the message, in utorrent, that the file can't be saved. I've never seen anything like it before. :(

Edit: problem solved. I just went back to an older version of Utorrent

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