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utorrent crashes my pc


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i got a new pc recently, after that i upgraded my utorrent to ver 1.7.2, and it kept crashing my pc after like 5 mins of operating time..

i recently updated my version again to 1.7.4 but it didnt solve it!

after like 5-10 mins my system crashes and gives me the blue screen of death about my tcpip.sys file..

its really annoying as utorrent is my fav downloading program.

any1 has any ideas? im really gettin desperate here.

i got a dlink di-524 router, mcafee viruscan enterprise 8.. and no firewall apart from the windows 1 which does not block utorrent.

plz plz help

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You turn DHT off by unchecking the 2 DHT-related boxes in the Preferences, BitTorrent window.

Yes, xx/128k setting under Speed Guide (CTRL+G) should be correct for your connection.

...however troubleshooting guide may tell you to change those settings due to your line not being reliable...or your computer's networking hardware and/or software is marginal.

So follow its instructions, and reply back with the details it asks if things didn't work.

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