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Hi, I'm new here because I think this is the best place to get help.

I recently switched to Bellsouth/ATT dsl. Didn't have much choice as Comcast sucked.

I have had an issue ever since I set up my dsl. I received a modem/router from them and it is a Westell 327-w30. I do not have this hooked up to a separate router. I did go in and turn off the firewall in the modem/router itself. I have followed the port forwarding, etc tips and have set my ports for 6363, as this is the only port I found I could use for also using Outlook, which I have to use for work. I was able to receive my mail but not send until I changed this setting. Oh, and I work at home, so it's not a company firewall that is an issue. So after having done all this, and reading tons of posts on the subject here and elsewhere, I still am getting the exclamation point in the yellow triangle and it is still telling me I am unable to have people connect to me, though I have been able to seed on what I've finished, though very, very slowly and at times it just quits. Should I enable upnp or disable wep? Not perfectly clear on either of those. When I click on the wireless info tab in my launchmodem, it does tell me that it is security enabled, but I do have the firewall turned off. I also am not running any other firewall, not even Norton. I have turned off any other antivirus, etc that could be interfering. So basically, is there anything else to do? Anything I am missing? I'm on XP, a Dell laptop and I was using torrent programs just fine until the installation of dsl. Oh, I do have a Linksys router I was using previously. Could I just use it and not the Bellsouth modem/router? Thanks in advance and sorry for being such a noob and so wordy.

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