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uTorrent crashes when i deleting torrent


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In all 1.7.x versions, when I try to delete complete or incomplete torrent, with data or only torrent file, uTorrent crashes.

I delete all config files, all torrents, downloading new version - on both my computers (at work, and at home) uTorrent crashes.

Home computer - win2k pro, at work - win2k adv.server

dump ant hijack log from home computer :


Pls help!!!


Sergey Kulik aka Saboteur

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1) hijack log link fixed.

2) This happens with every torrents

I solved problem at home comp.

I had uninstall all antiviruses and few other soft... that is the list of uninstalled software:

NOD32 Antivirus

McAfee RemoteDesktop Connection Manager

SiSoftware Sandra Professional 2005.SR1

Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 (AVP)

Tomorrow I will check my work computer.. with step-by-step uninstall.


At the work computer I can't solve a problem....

If I try to delete any torrents or exit from uTorrent - its crashes and did not deleting.

dump and log files there (I checks the links :) : http://www.saboteur.com.ua/utorrent

uTorrent Version 1.7.4 (last)

Somebody can help me?

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