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1.7.4 Torrents deleted and/or lost


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I updated to 1.7.4 from the lethal 1.7.3. All went fine at first, I was downloading and seeding as normal. (in the 24 hours I had 1.7.3 it crashed many times and as I was planning on reverting to 1.7.2, .4 came out)

Then last night I did my systems daily restart. I restarted 1.7.4 and it took a fairly long time starting up, ~1 minute, compared to the nearly instant starts from the past.

However, when it did start the torrents list was blank. All in process and queued Seeds and DL's were gone.

I checked the DL directory and could not find the files for the inprocess DL's, pre-allocated, but the completed ones were there as normal.

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Did you ever set a directory for µTorrent to move completed files to, and forgot where you were storing the temporary downloads at? (It's happened to other users before, which is why I'm asking)

As for the cleared list... Unfortunately, the only thing you can do about it is to reload all the .torrent files in %appdata%\uTorrent. Make sure you set Preferences > Advanced > bt.graceful_shutdown to true too (might prevent this from happening again).

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