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DSL connection drops when I pause torrents


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This seems really strange. If I pause all of the torrents I'm downloading, my DSL connection drops completely. To get the connection back, it requires turning off my modem's power, waiting a minute, then turning it back on. Then the connection restores itself.

This is a fairly recent problem. It didn't start happening until a week or so ago.

Anyone heard of this problem?

(My DSL provider is SBC Yahoo)

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same here. i am using 1.7.4 with scheduling set to download at 25Kb/s at 7-9AM. the internet connection completely drops out at around either 7AM or 8AM most recent was this morning around 7:40AM. i had to power cycle the router and modem to get it working again. it went out yesterday morning around 7AM, too.

my utorrent settings are pretty minimal. D: 12Kb/s, U: 6Kb/s. global connections 10, per torrent 10, only one active torrent at a time.

i have a paradyne 6381 modem and an arion 3001-4 router voip box on winxp. the router might be a repackaged SMC box. i have a network anywhere nc100 nic with the latest drivers.

any help appreciated.

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