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error: the system cannot find the path specified


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Win Xp sp1


I get this error a couple seconds after the torrent starts to download. Torrent immediately stops at 0%.

I'm guessing it's referring to the "location of downloaded files" & "storage for torrent files" folders

under "folder options"

Both are set to the exact same directory as my Azureus, which works...

In addition, I know the directory is valid because uTorrent does indeed place the .torrent

file in this dir as specified.

I do have much excess space on the hd.

Any suggestions?



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not sure..this is it exactly:

[isoHunt] Prokofiev- Symphonies 1 & 5 - Weller,LSO.torrent

I changed the "storage for torrent files" dir ....same problem..

Btw, it does sometimes download up to .3%, but when the error occurs it resets back to 0%.

In that short time to .3%, I get decent speeds up to 30-40kbs

thanx for those suggestions...I'll keep trying,


Edit: please don't quote posts before yours.

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Make sure the path length + filename isn't too long. I've experienced it myself when I stuck my files too many folders deep.

(it was something like F:\DC++\VGM (mostly non-mp3)\Star Ocean (スターオーシャン)\Star Ocean Till the End of Time\Star Ocean Till the End of Time - Original Soundtrack Vol. 1\Star Ocean Till the End of Time - Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Disc 1, shortened the folder name and tada :P)

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The paths are incredibly long for those torrents (windows is limited to 255 chars, some of those in the torrent reach like 200), you should be saving them to the root of the drive.

We tested it on Azureus, and Azureus gave "Data file missing" errors. So, it leads me to believe that you used different paths for each one.

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It looks to me like when YOU tested it, you saved it to different folders with each client.

Save the torrent to the root of your drive, like C:\

The problem is that the path is too long, and Windows can error if you put it deep in your folders. Both Azureus and µTorrent gave the same error, because it's a Windows limitation, not a torrent client limitation.

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