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Random increase in speed?


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Hello there,

Currently, I'm downloading some torrents but most of the time, it averages 30-40kB. But it sometimes randomly jumps all the way to 70-120kB. Is there anything for it to make it run stable at those kind of speed (70-120kB)?

Is it to do with the torrent itself or is there any settings I can do to make that speed stable?

I am using Virgin Media 2MB (I know they have started their speed limits but it happens even without their limits), a SurfBoard modem (Read the post and found that everything is fine) and a Netgear WPN824v2.

I've ran the OpenOffice torrent and they run perfectly fine (round 200-220kB).

Any help is appreciated.


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Down=240kB Up=Apprix. 384kB

Was using xx/394 but found it to make it worse. Now using a custom setting:

120 connections per torrent. 400 Max (I think this was my optimal setting)

Active download=2 Total=3

Upload Limit=25kB

Download Limit=200kB

Encryption Enabled

Port forwarded correctly

All I've changed in advanced is the max half open connections to 50


I left it on downloading last night and it averaged 30-50kB. But when I woke up and (I'm in the UK) start using my computer it increases. But the biggest increase was when I was using IE7. It jumped straight up into the 70-110kB!!! What am I doing wrong?

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You've got your speed numbers confused.

download and upload bandwidth measurements are almost always in kilobits/sec or megabits/sec.

Download and Upload FILE speeds are almost always in KiloBYTES/sec or MegaBYTES/sec.

There's almost 1 magnitude (1:10) difference between the 2.

Due to overhead bandwidth costs, it may take as much as 10 kilobits/sec of download bandwidth to download a file at 1 KiloBYTE/sec.

Something is likely VERY wrong with your connection if your upload is ~50% more than your download!

Increasing max half open connection limit above 8 may cause disastrous crashes of not only µTorrent but the computer as a whole, and the router (if you have one), and even your modem! Admittedly, a quick reset of all of them may "fix" that, but only temporarily.

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