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Got a really easy question...(multi downloading)


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How do I do multiple downloads at a time? SAy I got two torrents. ONe torrent is a single torrent, and the other is a multifile torrent. So I open up the single torrent and start downloading. Everything is fine. But when I try downloading the other torrent at the same time, the other one just automatically stops. So does this mean Utorrent can only support one download at a time?

And btw, it says 'Queued' on the Single file torrent when I start the other.

EDIT: Nevermind, found it.

But can someone tell me how to stop Utorrent from automatically getting rid of torrents after they finished downloading? I searched through Preferences but is not there.


EDIT 2: Um, nevermind again :P. I foound out that I was on the 'download' tab, so i thought that it disappeared lol.

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