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A possible way to boost speed?


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Okay, i had utorrent for a while know and have put up with the fact i was only getting 45kb/s downloads, bu8t today i just got fed up and spent about a hour on this sie looking for ways to improve it - i had already tried everything i could personly think of ( i would say i had a good routing in ict and a good idea of everything on a computer) but to no avial, so as i was playing around with the number in the adavance setting i accerdenly changed the


from 6 to 1, and i was supprised when suddenly my download jumped from 43kb/s up to 119kb/s, and im wonderign other than the fact that this is great, is it normal, i seen no evedence on this site that doing this should inprove the speed of the downloads but it does,

so could some other people try this out and see if it helps or if this was just an icalated incedent ( which woundt suprise me)

hope i can help some ppl with this


im putting on a flame retardent suit right know incase you dont belive me, but i swear this worked for me, but i can see the spethtisism for such a " mirical" cure being high as well so im prepared for any flames - but if you try it they shoundt be any!)


p.s.s this was the reason i joined, to tell everyone about this, so be nice :P but seriously - i havent seen this on here anywhere so if i found a new way of speed bosting then go me :P

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i dont know if it was just me - but when i did it, it incressed the speed of my torrent to the maximum i could downlaod at??? so i dunno i not calming to be an expert here but i belive it should do something - but i had been playin with other setting as well so it might be a comination of all of them, but it was changing this what changed my d/l speed

and yes i am on the dreaded aol - almost on line as i see it!!!! poor me grrrrrrr

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