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Testing status at running


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I'm on a windows XP SP1 Home Edition. On a DELL Dimension 2400.

I had the penultimate version (1.7.3) and it was active and working fine for some hours when I got the popup "a new version is available, do you want to download and install it?".

I clicked on yes and the process began. But then the computer began making the typical noise of finding some error and after a while I got the popup that it had found some error and that I should download the update manually.

I have to kill utorrent with the task manager. I don't download the update yet, so I open utorrent and it does the testing of files it has when running after a crash, so it checks the health of the files to do a proprer resume of download. It does it and all seems nice. I close it till the next session.

But then, I open it and I find it has to check the files again, which due to the size of some of them means various minutes of heavy use of RAM slowing down the computer. I close it and opening the next time makes it happen again.

So I download the latest version, the 1.7.4. I install it, not uninstalling the previous because some large files were close to completion and don't want to lose what it's got. So when it's installed and I open it, it checks the files again.

I close it and reopen, again. Then I think perhaps it's because I exit the program without pausing or stopping any download, though that's never been a problem. So I pause the files, close the program, reopen it... and it checks again. I then stop them, close it, reopen and again checks the files.

I open the preferences and find no option that might have been changed and affect this behavior. And I sure would like to return to not having to check the files unless it's a run after a crash.

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