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Please help. Downloads fine, then lose connection entirely.


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I have been repeatedly having this problem when downloading large files on uTorrent. To preface, I do not have any internet connection issues when I am not using uTorrent.

First I will describe my settings:

I am downloading from a Vista laptop.

I am wirelessly connected to a Linksys WRT55AG

I have a static IP and I have ports 35560-35565 forwarded to my laptops IP.

uTorrent is listening to port 35561

Here is the problem I am having when using uTorrent:

I start a download and within a few minutes it gets to be downloading at a pretty good clip (about ~200kbps). After a couple hours, my download speed crashes to a halt because I lose my internet connection. To fix this, I must go and reset my router. After resetting the router, the download will get back up to speed. After another while....the same thing happens and I need to reset the router again.

I never loose connection when not using uTorrent. I tried calling both the internet provider and Linksys support and neither had an idea of what might be the problem.

Is there a setting within uTorrent that might be causing this? I'll be happy to share other setting if it will help anyone help me trouble shoot this problem.

Thank you.


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Wireless connections are less stable in general than ethernet connection.

Plus they don't seem to like many ip-to-ip connections at once.

(µTorrent by default tries to make 100's on busy torrents!)


What's the measured speed of your connection, both Down AND UP?

What settings are you using, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

Have you changed any of µTorrent's advanced settings?

Have you tried the troubleshooting guide?:


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Measured from my laptop, my connection speed is 4000 kbps download and 690kbps upload. I have my connection type set at 640 kbps which results in the following affected settings:

Upload limit - 60kB/s

COnnections: 100

Most Actrive Torrents: 4

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (Global): 200

Most Active D/l: 3

I have not changed any of the advanced settings.

I have gone through the trouble shooting guide. I got as far as this step, which I don't know how to do:

- Disable IP resolving in the Peers tab context menu

The torrent I was downloading before is complete. I started a new one and that has done the same thing after finishing 88% of the download, so I know nothing I've changed so far has resulted in an improvement.

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