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Just want to know if I understand the manual/FAQ correctly


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I don't know if this forum is the correct one to ask this, if it isn't, sorry.

Currently I'm seeding 6 torrents (that is, I have downloaded them, they did all finish the download and are now seeding).

(1) One of them shows: seeders: 0 of 22 connected (151 in swarm) - peers: 16 of 59 connected (52 in swarm).

(2) And another one: seeders: 0 of 0 connected (10 in swarm) - peers 1 of 2 connected (2 in swarm).

Does this mean (1) there are 22 real seeders while the tracker thinks there are 151? And with (2) does this mean I'm the only seeder at the moment (even while the tracker seems to think there are 10 seeders)?


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DreadWingKnight, thanks for your answer. But it is still not clear to me.

seeders: 0 of .. Does this mean currently no seeders or are there seeders but none of them connected?

The way I understood the manual is this (please correct me if I'm wrong):

seeders: 0 of 22 connected (10 in swarm)

- 0 seeders connected

- 22 real seeders active (they don't need to connect with me, I'm seeding also)

- 10 seeders according to the tracker.

And because I'm seeding there are actually 23 real seeders (myself included).

If I read your answer correctly, it is not possible to see how many active seeders there are, only how many there were, and how many are currently connected. :/

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Trust the tracker, it should know better than the client.

Edit: I mean, if you've previously connected to 20 seeds but tracker reports only 10, then only 10 of them have sent their announces within a set time period (1 hour or so seems common max) and/or are connectable, effectively making the number of seeds just 10 and the other 10 either dropped out seeds or seeds behind firewall. And guess what? The dropped out is more likely since they haven't sent their announces to tracker in time. The last possibility is that you've witnessed them becoming seeds but they haven't yet sent their announces that'd mark them as seeds on the tracker, but I wouldn't trust this scenario.

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Seeds: A of B connected (C in swarm)

Peers: A of B connected (C in swarm)

A = The seeds/peers to which you are currently connected. To see these, simply go to the peer list.

B = The number of unique seeds/peers (remembered as IP:Port combinations) currently known to your client. These peers include Incoming peers as well as peers obtained by DHT, PEX, and Trackers. To see these, go to the peer list, right click and select "Copy Peer List" from the menu. Paste into your favorite text editor.

C = The number of seeds/peers reportedly known by the tracker(s). In a multi-tracker torrent, this number often contains duplicates. Depending on the configuration of your client (max connections) and the tracker, the number of peers you can obtain from the tracker is often less than this number.

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