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Two computers, one router, vastly differing speeds.


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I'm using a LinkSys BEFSX41 (recently updated the firmware per another post's suggestion) to route my cable connection to two computers.

The first computer will happily entertain d/l speeds of around 30 kB/s, while the second barely scratches 10 or will sometimes shut down to zero for hours, requiring a restart of uTorrent. Funny thing is, it doesn't matter if one is on or both are on, the values hardly ever change. Further confusing me, computer #2 is the superior machine (2.2 gig dual-core AMD processor vs. 1.2 gig single AMD; 2 gig memory vs. 783 mb, and so forth) so I'm lost. #1 uses XP Pro, SP2 while #2 uses XP x64 SP2.

I'm using Comcast, so I know they put a throttle on torrents, but I'm wondering why there is such a variance. The speed tests through DSL reports gave me differing reports for each computer but I went into the Preferences option and made the appropriate adjustments. I lowered the maximum d/l and u/l speeds to within each computer's limits; changed the maximum global connections to about 60 just to see if that helps; and to a very small degree, it did.

Both computers are listening on different ports (and I had to forward #2's port to uTorrent's preferred port) so there's no conflict there. The only thing I can think of is that #2 is connected to the router by a longer cable than #1. Would an eight foot ethernet cable cause so much signal degradation?

Any more info, just ask. But I think for now I'll just sit here and wait for DreadWingKnight to use his MMA skills to put me in a threadlock. :P

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The difference is probably the software.

One has really crappy network drivers or firewall or antivirus...and the other one doesn't.

Troubleshooting Guide is a good way to attack that problem:


Also, ComCast has Speed Boost -- which causes a major speed spike lasting up to 1 minute at the beginning of a file transfer...this thoroughly screws over the results of online speed tests. Best bet, xx/768k is the FASTEST sustainable settings for your line in Speed Guide (CTRL+G)...and you may be forced to use xx/384k.

What settings are you using, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

Have you changed any of µTorrent's advanced settings?

Are you trying to use v1.7.4 of µTorrent (the latest to my knowledge)?

(maybe it has a bug...dunno)

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You are exactly right. The difference IS the software. I had set both computers to the xx/768 setting--I had no knowledge of Scumcast's Speed Boost, so I just went by the speed tests--and hadn't touched the advanced settings at all since I'm still too new to this scene to risk fiddling with too much. I was using v. 1.7.4; figgered it would be the least buggy.

But guess what? Something I didn't see in the stickies: compatibility mode! Now look at that sucker move. I'm getting sustained d/ls of 98 kb/s with spikes to 110, possibly also 'cuz I lowered the maximum up/down speeds as you mentioned. Much better!

Shoulda seen that one coming. If it hasn't already been posted, would you be so kind as to update the troubleshooting section? This might also help the Vista x64 users, too. And my fellow noobs.

Thanks for the assist, Switeck.

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