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µTorrent 1.1.3


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µTorrent is now better than ever! This release brings many fixes and new features, highlights being: greatly improved connectivity with peers (and thus better transfer rates) along with support for language translations. µTorrent is now available in English, Swedish and French. Technical information about translating µTorrent to your native language will be made available shortly. Also check out the program's new about window! Get it from the download section.

--- 2005-10-02: Version 1.1.3 (build 179)

- Fix: Reserve 25% of connections for incoming peers.

- Fix: Send numwant=0 on Stopped.

- Feature: Ability to change user interface language.

- Feature: Added French & Swedish translations.

- Feature: Don't send anonymous usage statistics.

- Fix: Remove key field, it confused some trackers.

- Fix: Randomize peer id when µTorrent starts.

- Fix: Tweaks to internal bittorrent parameters.

- Feature: Disconnect inactive peers after 5 minutes.

- Fix: Open on the Files view would sometimes open the wrong file.

- Feature: Allow scroll wheel on the mouse to scroll the views.

- Fix: The torrent id shown on the generals page had 32 characters instead of 40.

- Feature: Added inactive column to peer view to show the inactivity.

- Changed: Include some more columns by default in peer view.

- Fix: Peer handshake was waiting for peer id, but not all clients sent that immediately.

- Feature: Show error message in status bar if listen() fails.

- Fix: Focus wasn't moved to the edit box that contained an invalid value in settings dialog.

- Fix: Send a stopped command to trackers when closing µTorrent.

- Fix: Some invalid torrents would show a message about memory allocation failed, instead of "can't load torrent".

- Fix: Don't bandwidth limit http communication.

- Fix: Ratio column showed "inf" way too often.

- Fix: Nicer about dialog.

- Feature: Play THX sound in about dialog.

- Fix: Make sure file priority works even if file list is sorted in a different order.

- Fix: Make sure STOPPED is sent when a torrent is deleted.

- Fix: New icons (thanks ipunk)

- Fix: Identify Shareaza clients

- Feature: Support loading of torrent status icons / toolbar icons from an external file (tstatus.bmp or toolbar.bmp in storage folder)

- Fix: Crash bug with multiple trackers.

- Fix: Autostart option wasn't saved to config file.

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