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Wont seed if I close a torrent then rejoin


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So Im just getting back into this whole thing. I used to use bit tornado for the longest time and I just switched over to utorrent and its much much better. I never had any problems with port forwarding with my router or anything like that when I used to torrent stuff. I followed the FAQ's and everthing was good. Well I'm having a problem now. I can jump on a torrent and it'll download like mad and upload as fast as my connection will allow. Well say I close the torrent and then I see the torrent needs seeders. So i reopen the torrent but I cant upload! I'm getting the green light (both in bittornado and in utorrent) and if I look in the "peers" tab at the bottom I can see incoming connections, the problem is they get disconnected after a few seconds.

I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm not behind a router or firewall (software or otherwise). I'm using a PC with windows XP SP1 and cox is my ISP. I tried turning on protocol encryption and setting it to "forced" and to "enabled" without any luck. I tried setting the listening port to 80 for shits and giggles but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas anyone?

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