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uTorrent does not obey speed limits (downloading)


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my internet connection is pretty fast. but perhaps a bit too fast for one of my older computers. uTorrent does not obey the speed limit. u cant see it in the picture but i set it at 1140 KBs and for some reason uTorrent goes crazy peaking at 7 MB/s. this overloads the cache and my computer then starts to laag terribly. so bad I had to pull out my ethernet cable once to stop the lagging.

tho im starting to wonder cos uTOrrent obeys the limit when Im downloading slower (like less than 200KBs), is this because of the uploaders (seeders), or is it me (my connection)?

if its not uTorrent's fault, is there any way to limit the speed physically or something (as in outside of uTorrent)?

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