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µTorrent can't find "relocated" files after auto-shutdown ...


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Dear all,

Recently, I've noticed issues with the way I've configured µT to handle .torrent files and downloaded files.

1 - during transfer, .torrent files are put in a temp directory

2 - during transfer, .!µt files are stored in another temp directory

3 - after transfer completes, .torrents and files are moved in their final destinations

If I use "auto shutdown when everything completes", everything is fine when I restart µT, but when I (sometimes) use "shutdown when download completes), when I check the torrents, a (the last) torrent file has the "red cross" icon, and I need to use the advanced settings to change its target directory (uT would like to see it in the temp directory, whereas it has been moved to its final directory at the end of the download)

Thanks for your help or hints


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