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Local peer discovery & Hamachi


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Hi! Here is my problem:

I have a slow internet connection in Russia - 256 kbit\s ADSL.

But inside my ISP's subnet the speed is much faster. µTorrent has the ability local peer discovery, but unfortunately I can not specify what internet subnets will be considered as local by µTorrent.

So I am thinking to use µTorrent with Hamachi to make µTorrent can to find local peers of my ISP's so the downloading speed should increase due to this if we downloading the same things together. Of course all ISP users should be into the same Hamachi network.

What do you think about this? will it work or not?


PS: Sorry if my english is horrible.

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Hamachi currently handles tunneling of IP traffic including broadcasts and multicast.

That means LPD technically 'should' work with with Hamachi. Only one way to really find out :)

However Hamachi is a separate network interface (think of it as a second network card connected to a LAN with your Hamachi Network buddies in it). And I forgot how µtorrent handles multiple network interfaces and whether it LPDs on all of them. :) Try searching these forums.

-- are 'technically' public IPs. However IANA is holding those back for whatever reason. There has never been a IP in the range assigned to a public machine.

The network is used to avoid collisions with private IP networks that might already be in use on the client side. Specifically -, and The network has been reserved by the IANA for the past ten years and is not used in the Internet routing domain. The IANA free pool is expected to be exhausted by April 2010.[2] If this range is allocated, Hamachi users will not be able to connect to any Internet IP addresses within the range as long as the Hamachi client is running.



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With some utorrent 1.7 early beta I once for my surprise saw that there was one 5.x.x.x IP from my Hamachi network at the utorrent connections list when we were downloading same torrent same time... So I can confirm that at least with that early beta µTorrent LPD was finding peers over Hamachi.

Don't know about the current situation though: As we briefly tested that LPD some weeks ago it didn't find the other client over Hamachi...but it was just a quick test then.

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After having looking for The "answer" for a while now and haven't found anything before I found out myself, I finally did something "working" ...

In the country I am, my international bandwidth is 512/256, inner country is 2048/512

I have 2 ADSL connections and eager to use the inner country bandwidth, here is my solution .... maybe not the best, but a working one !

This is what I have :

- Windows Server 2003 (with VPN Server)

- uTorrent 1.8.5 (Supporting Local Peer Discovery aka LPD)

- Hamachi (Any version should work)

- Windows 7 (Any Windows should work as long as you can create a VPN connection which are basically all of them above Windows 98)

All problems related to your firewall are up to you (even the Windows one), I can't describe all of them…

I'm no Windows Server expert, but having some knowledge about it are quite useful

Step 1: Hamachi

- Create your own Hamachi VPN Network

Step2: Windows 2003

- Create users in Windows 2003, with user Dial-In option allowed

- Mixed up your interface connection to allow the VPN users (coming from to the Hamachi Network Interface) to go to your LAN network (sorry guys, I'm no good at taking screenshots either)

Tips ….

I have 2 different networks, 2 different internet connections, 2 different wired LAN, but one range of IP (kind of a mistake though, but still working) and I'm creating a VPN connection in order to enable one or many clients, existing in the Hamachi network, to navigate on a Virtual Network. The thing is that by using the same IP range:

Network 1: (Lan Home)

Network 2: (Lan Office)

Network 3: (VPN)

I make the LPD working easily which means it's not a very clean setup once again … but it's working! But by being not too stupid, you would determine your IP cleverly, which is what I did! (phew, I'm not too stupid) …

- Home: to

Router is

- Office: to

Router is (or .51, whatever you want it's a gateway, we don't care)

- VPN: to

VPN Server IP can be .101, you specify it when you create your VPN Service in Windows 2003 then you use the DHCP Service for the VPN clients which should be in the VPN IP Range

I reckon you "lose" some IPs, but I'm talking about one person, I'm not trying to be a free or not free VPN Provider … so I don't care!

Step3: Windows Client

- Create your VPN connection using the Hamachi IP of the VPN server computer (IP: 5.x.y.z)

- Uncheck the "Use the default gateway" blabla bla on the VPN TCP/IP V4 settings (I'll join if possible a picture of what needs to be uncheck

Step 4: uTorrent

- Assuming you haven't modify too much the settings of uTorrent, your LPD should be enable …

Step 5: Enjoy ….

- If it's not working, stop all "shared" downloads, start all of them on ONE computer, then start on the OTHER one… should work by now

I'm no expert and don't have much spare time, if you have question, I might answer, there are no noob question (I think), but there are not many people having the time to answer everyone


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