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a few suggestions for Utorrent


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Hi peeps am a user of UT now but can i make some suggestions please as to its appearance and a few options it should have

when a torrent is loaded there is no way at present to automaticaly set the files up down speeds individuualy , there is the option for global speeds but not default speeds , at present each file is loaded with the 0 setting = max usage , this floods the connection , it would be better to have a default option so each file can be pre loaded with (Eg...90 kbs down and 8 up) or however the user sees fit

then have an automatic feature as comprehensive as Torrentstorms ( but working in your version ) as storms never worked properly

also instead of the user having to enter the amounts via the Kb can there be small up down arrows to the right of each option , a much better way of changing values

and can we please have the coloured button icons back to indicate connected , not connected and the rest , example green , yellow , blue , black , they are so much more user friendly than arrows with various small icons attached

the way UT is looking is very much in the same vein as Torrentstorm which in my view is the best client of all time please look closely at its settings and options and the way the main UI looks if you could implement the modern and affective UT with the looks and options of Storm this would be a killer app

infact if you could implement Torrentstorm looks and feel in a modern UI with your usability and low overhead cpu usage that would be excellent , dont want much do i

thanks anyway

oh and can we please have an option to stop the files jumping around when active that would be even better , there driving me nuts

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Torrents use the global values unless you tell them otherwise. 0 would not be unlimited in the specific torrent properties but just a value that indicates its using the global limit.

I dont get the second request really, just entering the exact amount you want seems alot quicker and better then clicking the up button a few dozen times.

I think the icons tell you enough, and you have the status column aswell to tell you whats going on. I dont think the color codes present in other clients is all that useful.

You seem to love TorrentStorm, so you can use just that. Dont get me wrong, im not being a jerk or discourging you from using uTorrent - It's just that if you love that client so much why are you trying to change another client into it ?

On a site note, I might say that i know TorrentStorm is VERY VERY BAD on its behavior regarding the BT protocol and is banned by default on every tbsource tracker.

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global values are fine , setting a max up and down is great but what about a default value so that when they are downloaded initialy they are already set to a prefered up/down amount that dosent flood the connection if every torrent loaded is set to max =0 , it means the user has to intervene on each loaded file and change its values for up/down rate , nobody wants every torrent running defaulted to 0 , if three files are upping dependant on the amount of leechers the max you would want to let each file seed at would be maybe 8 kbs drop down to 2 or 1 file seeding and then up the amount going out manualy , but initialy setting a max up down per torrent is a brilliant start to leeching and seeding on a given file , much better than just max everything and then manualy change both settings with the KB

the arrows are alot better than having to change to the KB to add values , i cant see where having to use the kb for each torrents speed increase and decrease is easier , a few milliseconds depressed on an arrow can quickly change a setting better than a change from mouse to kb

colour coded icons are what people associate with easily , and is a generaly accepted standard through most clients , colours are easier to distinguish than obscure arrows and icons , example being a stopped torrent in utorrent has a tick or rather a file fully downloaded but not working does ???? why , shouldnt it have a cross or something to say its stopped and not currently running a tick means good , correct , yes , working ....but it defo dont mean stopped and not working , except in Utorrent

how about changing DONE into progress and having a coloured bar behind it showing progress ...again easy on the eye

i`m not trying to change UT into storm , what i`m asking is look at storms Gui ...the way each torrent is easily distinguished by lines that help the eye , as UT is at present , all the numbers tend to merge and blend , lines between everything would help enormously

and if you dislike storm so much why does UT look so much like a modern day version of it , why...because storm was so user friendly and easy to understand its hard not to follow the way it looked , conciously or not

and one last thing , i stil use storm to great affect , its quick and easy to understand and configure , agreed its a resource hogger and the auto options would have helped massively on finished files , u say its banned in places , well that maybe , i cant comment on that as i have never had problems

but at the end of the day usability is something u should be striving to achieve and no doubt are , all of my above comments are very valid and would add greatly to UT`s look and feel

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