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Resolving Yellow triangle


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hi there

for the last year i have been trying to sort utorrent out,

i seem to not be able to get the green light,however other computers

on my home network can. with & without port forwarding.

i have tried everything as suggested in many of the posts on the forum

The port checker indicates that the port is not open... even thou it is

i am using 10mbit settings

i have reset the settings.dat files

i have unistalled all my anti virus etc - avast & comodo (used to use zone alarm)

i am using xp sp2 (with all new updates/patches)

net.max_halfopen set to 8 with tcpip.sys set to 50

i have used different routers...

after a while i can get pretty good download speeds with the red light appearing.

i am pretty stuck for ideas on how to sort this... it used to work so something must of changed : (

thanks in advance

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Sadly, you do not have a 10 megabits/sec upload speed...so you'll need to use MUCH lower settings in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) -- probably even below 1 megabit/sec upload speed. Trying to upload too fast can cause random peer/seed disconnections and very laggy web surfing.

Is Win XP SP2's firewall configured correctly?

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Does your modem contain a mini-router and/or firewall that needs to be configured or disabled?

(Look it up online using GOOGLE...I don't know what you have or if it contains one!)

If the other computers get a green light when running µTorrent on them, what makes them "different" from the computer that doesn't?

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im sure it has nothing to do with the router.

this computer used to get the green light.. then suddenly one day it didnt!

the other computers get the green light on many other different netowrks ive used

but mine doesnt!

the only thing i can think of is that i changed the mac address of my network aptaper a while ago to beat the uni network admins : D

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