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connecting to more seeds, possible?


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hey all,

i was wondering, is there a setting i can adjust to connect to more seeds?

right now i have a torrent with 310 seeds and 3000 peers, but i'm connected only to 5 seeds, which gives me a magnific download speed of 10 kb/s, can someone shed a light on this?

my ports are all correctly forwarded, i'm not using the default port for utorrent, i'm using encryption to avoid trafic shapping, my upload speed is capped at 80%.

i tried messing around with the settings on utorrent but they only made things worse.

i have a 4mb/364kpbs internet.

thanks :)

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What settings are you using, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

Have you changed any of µTorrent's advanced settings?

Have you tried the troubleshooting guide?:


Does your ISP throttle BitTorrent traffic?

Do you have any (semi) hostile software on your computer that cripples µTorrent's performance?

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hey there.

right now my speed guide shows:

35 k for up speed

5 upload slots

500 global connections

250 maximum peers

Yes, i know they are high, as i said i'm experimenting new settings, i tried using the pre-defined ones in the speed guide but download speed actually got lower.

i've only changed the max-halfopen connections to 50 in the advanced settings. i've also bypassed the max connections limit in windows xp.

my ISP throttles traffic i think, but with encryption on i have no problem getting 400k on various torrents. so i guess that's not a problem.

computer is pretty clean, no virus or adware.


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my computer is completely clean. no nothing whatsoever. i don't install useless stuff or click the usual 'jennifer anniston nude.exe' email. it's a gaming computer.

by bypass windows limit i mean bypass the 10 concurrent connections imposed by SP2.

i guess i'll try xx/384k out, i have already tried it and didn't like, but i'll try longer this time.

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