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Limit Bandwidth Usage - Advice Please


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I share my network with two house mates. I want to be able to download torrents but still have enough bandwidth left to allow myself and my house mates to surf and use the internet without a significant drop in speed.

My Download speed varies from 1905Kbps to 1923Kbps

Upload 218Kbps to 233Kbps

These results from speed test sites found via the uTorrent help pages.

Please would someone advise me on the best settings to allow me to have a 'constant slow trickle of downloads / uploads' while being able to surf the internet comfortably.

My ISP is Tiscali and I will need to set encryption. Should this be forced?


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Tiscali throttles many forms of file-sharing, BitTorrent especially. So if it detects BitTorrent traffic on the connection, it may just throttle everything...making a real pain of a problem. :(

However if that's NOT the case in your particular area, try the xx/192k setting...or even the xx/128k or xx/96k settings if others need significant amounts of upload speed -- instead of the minimal amount needed to web surf smoothly.

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Speed Guide (CTRL+G), choose settings well BELOW your upload speed's rated maximum until web surfing "load lag" is almost nonexistant.

Do note that ComCast ISP in most areas is only offering 384 or 768 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth! Speed Boost may temporarily exceed that, and foul up speed tests, so test that you can SUSTAIN upload speeds rather than just occasionally reach them.

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