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Downloadspeed changing Up&Down


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Hi! First -great Client!!!

I think it's second fastest after BitTornado and so many features in this small stand alone file.

My Downloadspeed is shuffling between 10 and 100kB/s I think the average is quite good, but my speed always runs approx. half a minute on full speed, then drops down to 10 kB/s and after a while rises again all day.

My speedlog looks like some fever-cycle

My Port is forwarded and above 10.000

Max glob. con.: 200

Peers/torrent: 50

max. upload slots/torrent: 3

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This is a behaviour I hear too often on the forums. Some people see it more severely and some with less intensity. Unfortunately this is not something you can put a finger on. It's the net effect of how uTorrent negotiates with clients implementing their own reading of the Bittorrent protocol.

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