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Comcast users step in please *about seeding*


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Thanks for this link...

As a Comcast subscriber, I have been reading through this post already. It's quite long. Pk$oUL, do you know if there is a solution mentioned in the thread to the Sandvine situation? If you have already gone through the thread, that would help us all out here.



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Most easiest way to seed for me is, after the download is done, Don't exit out of utorrent, leave the program going, and your seeding speed won't go down.

If you wish to browse/play an online game while still seeding, just set your upload rate low enough so you can still do what you want without lag.

Theres other ways..on that link but its more difficult for the average user to do, and my way seems to always work..Like now i've been done downloading a torrent for 5 hours or so and still seeding at my perfered upload rate.

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