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Torrents is not a valid win32 application


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Check with a hex viewer (or simply F3 from TotalCommander) if your .torrent files are indeed executables (first two chars are MZ followed by a classic winstub) or they are still actual torrents (first you'll see tracker list in plain txt format).

If they are torrents, try reassociate them from uTorrent or follow this : http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#.C2.B5Torrent_won.27t_open_torrent_files_even_though_I_associated_torrents_with_it.

If they aren't torrents try downloading some other torrents (try linux or other open source distributions) and check them. If they are ok then your particular .torrent file has a problem, otherwise you are most probably infected with some kind of nasty file-modifier virus (update your antivir).

Good luck

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