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Repeated crash with 1.7.3


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Tried the guide.

Not using any of the firewalls listed (just the Windows one and utorrent is listed as an exception)

Using a Motorola Surfboard cable modem but I have a real IP address (IP and gateway are in the 77.96.xxx.xxx range)

Not having any speed issues (current combined download speed of 426Kbps on 20Mbps/768Kbps Cable connection)

The only thing that might help is that I ran out of diskspace on the target drive and that's when I had the first crash (400GB drive and it hit 13.6MB free - have ordered a new 1TB drive :D). I have now freed up about 36GB on that drive but still gettting crashes.

I had no problems with an earlier version of the client before re-installing Windows (apart from the memory nVidia firewall memory leak, part of the reason I reinstalled), at least no crashes.

Not tried 1.7.4 yet, thought it was still beta? Will give it a go and let you know


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