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download speed ranges from 5-25k usually round 18k


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ive got no clue as to wats going on it starts up and the yellow triangle stays on for like 5mins then it gos green and utorrent says the port is working properly but it is way to slow. i tried setting up a static ip but i got rid of it because i couldnt find my name server (DNS).

im with bigpond adsl 256/64 my modem is a siemens speedstream 4200

downloading things takes ages 700 mb takes 9 hours up. ive tried all heaps of those internet speed sights and set up utorrent and nothing.

im using windows firewall and ive made the ports for it.

at the mo its downloading at 0.6 and just last week it was around 25

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the tested speed for downloads was 214 and uploads 57 i called up bigpond about this and they got me to check downloading something form there site and they said it was just that test site because its an overseas one.

settings im using

connection type 64k

upload limit 5kB/s

upload slots 2

connections 50


max active torrents 1

max active downloads 1

current port 1337 forewards properly

enable encription ticked

in advance settings i changed Net.max_halfopen *80.

gone through the trouble shooting guides 2 times and nothing

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With 256 kilobits/sec supposed max download, you probably won't exceed 30 KiloBYTES/sec download speeds on anything except for maybe uncompressed data (text web pages for instance).

23 KiloBYTES/sec for torrents when you have 40+ connections at once isn't all that bad considering.

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