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Override global speed settings?


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Allow torrents to override the global speed settings either by having a checkbox so they are exempt from global upload/download speed settings, or have specific upload/download speed boxes which will override the global settings, or put a check box next to each of the already existing upload/download speed boxes for each torrent and allow the values entered to ignore the global settings if the box is ticked.


I have to shedule my speeds to reduce dramatically for around 8 hours a day due to my ISP classing that as peak usage hours and counting that period against a usage allowance chart, the remaining 16 hours are therefore "free".

I was simply scheduling everything to stop at that time, but it's often better to keep several torrents open to gain "seed points" for ratio's, etc so I've been using force start torrents, but then my upload speed is still quite high for them.

So, I've put in the schedule to reduce the speeds for this 8 hour period, but that now means that although I'll still have several force started torrents which are seeding (allbe it slowly) for this period, other torrents can still run.

BUT this produces a problem, well, more of an annoyance, I now can't download anything in the 8 hour period that I might want quickly without changing the settings for all the other torrents.

Being able to override the sheduled (or normal) speeds in this way would allow an individual torrent to be downloaded (or uploaded) quickly without having to alter any other settings.

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