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New User - Error message


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Hi, Have just started using uTorrent - great app. Thanks!

However, have followed the setup guide and everything seems to be going OK except that I keep getting Error connection messages

Error 797 - unable to connet to tiscali broadband.

I am connected to the internet and am surfing and downloading happily - so why the error messages? and what do I do about them please?


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No, it is a windows error message that pops up very often now - since setting up uTorrent. I've had one while typing this. I think that reconfiguring how the computer communicates with the router has upset windows a little, but I don't know how to fix it.

I have also found that I now can't send / receive outlook email.


This problem is now getting worse as I can't access Google to find a fix.

OK I had enable UPnP with the router to avoid the yellow triangle at the bottom of the page. This really screwed things up as neither my desktop or my laptop could connect to the internet. I will have to set a static IP and port forward I guess. My download speed is less than half what it was with UPnP enabled - is that normal?

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Sounds like a piece of adware/spyware or a virus that's complaining about being unable to connect to the internet.

Have you tried the troubleshooting guide?:


Have you run Process Explorer and/or HijackThis! to search for possible internet-using programs that may be causing this problem?

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