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Low speed, Problem connecting to seeds in utorrent 1.7.4


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Note, I'm not having this problem with utorrent 1.7.3 only 1.7.4

System specs.


Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.06GHz, 3067 Mhz, 1 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)

Total Physical Memory 1,013.88 MB

Upstream: 512kbps

Downstram: 1.5MB

Utorrent config : Speed guide [xxx/512]

Only modification in advanced settings: Net max half open from 200, tried with default settings aswell.

This is the problem. I was connected to like to 50 peers and I can't get connected to any seed at all and utorrent detects available seeds. Second the low speed. right now I'm downloading in 6kbps that's the maximum speed with version 1.7.4 so far. If I use utorrent 1.7.3 everything goes fine, I get a decent speed for my d/u bandwitdh.

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