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Weird problems, only started today......


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Been using uTorrent for a good while now and never had a problem with it, till now!

I use uTorrent and PeerGuardian2, and today i loaded a torrent up but the little green tick box never turned green - stayed as a yellow ! mark....

So I double clicked and hit the TEST IF PORT IS FORWARDED and it told me it wasn't - which is odd as I haven't changed it and it's been fine since I set it up ages ago.

I turned PG2 off and re-test, and it worked... Turned PG on and re-test : port blocked....

So read that I need to allow uTorrent in PG2 (odd, cos I didn't have to before) so I searched google, found a page on here, read it, searched my PG2 history, found the 72.blah.blah ip for utorrent and right click, set to always allow....

Now whilst that means my uTorrent is working (for the time being - who knows what it will do next time!) my PG2 has changed and now says it's blocking 0 ip's! Whereas before it said "block 98634322 ip's" (or similar number)

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it's the same. Edited and removed the lists in PG2 aswell, but no change...... Not much point having PG2 I guess if it's isn't blocking anything?!?!?!?

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Thats not really the problem now, the problem was that for some reason uTorrent stopped going green on the connection icon, and didn't show an open port with PG2 when it was enabled..... Then PG2 wen't all funny showing it wasn't blocking any IP's.....

I uninstalled it again and then deleted the PG2 folder from PROGRAMME FILES then reinstalled and it appears that PG2 is working again....

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Maybe so, but if you converted the blocklist to ipfilter.dat format and µTorrent was still having connection problems...then it'd probably be because of a "bad" blocklist entry blocking what you don't want it to block...not Peer Guardian.

As it turns out, it was probably Peer Guardian somehow.

So it's fixed for now?

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