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Multiple "Element Not Found" errors


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Hi All,

Everything was working fine until about a day ago, now whenever I download a new torrent after a few minutes I get an "Element Not Found" error. I then have to right click and do a Force Re-Check which gets the torrent going again, but less than an hour later I get the same error. I have not modified the downloaded parts in any way or even looked at the folder. But all of the new torrents I've been downloading are now getting this error.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the link.

I do have bt.compact_allocation off (false), but diskio.sparse_files is off as well. I'll try turning that on and see if it works. Also I had sharing turned on for my home network on the drive I'm downloading to. I'll try turning that off as well (maybe UT thinks something is trying to alter the file or something)

I'll keeep ya posted

UPDATE: No luck, it's still happening.

UPDATE 2: It's pretty much happening with all my torrents now.

Any ideas?

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