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Global connections maximum / statistics not working


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My router is a D-Link 380T so I have to draw a line when it comes to the number of connections. But if I limit it 200, utorrent just ignores this setting and continues to get even more connections... Stops sometimes @ 400, sometimes even @ 500.

Tried to limit to 100, and even to 50, that helps just a little bit (then I get about 300 connections).

All of this would not be a prob if my router wouldn't choke under the amount of connections. Especially when I'd want to launch any other app that uses net connection.

How to really limit the number of global connections?

Also, have a prob with statistics - just clicking on the option crashes utorrent, and when reruning utorrent - it starts a recheck of torrents... Why?

uTorrent ver: 1.7.4

router: D-Link DSL-380T

web connection: 5mbit/512kbit

ethernet: nForce4

windows XP

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Well, I know that its best to read everything before asking, and I have done it but still cant find the answer. The torrents are working, port is forwarded properly and instantly...

OK, now utorrent (on the bottom, DHT) states that it is connected to 400 connections. DLing few torrents in parallel, and seeding some... But I have put a restriction (in options) to 200 global connections. What am I missing?

So, the torrents are literally flying, filling my DL and UL. But (here the problems really show) when I try opening a few tabs in firefox and load webpages (or in opera or IE, or use utlook), the router chokes the UL/DL to values below 1kb/s, and remains connected to the ISP. Any clues?

Thank you for your replies...

And why do the statistics crash my utorrent?

Do you need any other info?

Aha the T-Com technician has measured the line attenuation at my home - 3 & 4 dB (DL / UL), if this info helpsl...


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Hey, haven't told you how I resolved the prob.

Well, the prob was in the heat generated inside router. It was hetting nuclear HOT!

Going over 200 connections (when I set the option in utorrent) worked fine at first but after an hour the d-link 380-t router started randomly choking.

Unscrewed the top, CLEARED that part of table and printed a big RADIOACTIVE sign, put it on the wall near the router. Also, put a big sign that I'll kill anybody who even looks at that part of table :-)

I have exams on my faculty, but in a month I'll go to my friend to make me a aluminum case for the router! Not full metal plates, don't know how to describe the new casing other than fishnet plates (so air can circulate).

Still have to find some heatsinks for the RAM, the big chip, an the other chip that is similar to the RAM chip.

I am talking with a person on a hardware website to make a guide (how to) and have a complete text with pictures... Not for profit.

OK, now when heat isn't being captured inside the router, this is like a whole new device - can go to 600 connections, my net connection is FASTER! DL and UL are going to the limits (not theoretical). But hey, seeding at 50+ kB/s, and the DL are constantly over 400kB/s.

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