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I have heard your ISP throttles BitTorrent and file-sharing traffic, though since I don't have the same ISP I cannot confirm or deny if it's true.

What's the tested speed of your connection, both Down AND UP?

What settings are you using, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

Have you changed any of µTorrent's advanced settings?

Have you tried the troubleshooting guide?:


Lastly, have you tried changing the encryption settings?

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1. my speed 2.667 Mbyts

2. Connection type xx/10Mbit

Upload limit 1120 Kbps Upload slots 25

Connections 125 Connections global 800

Max Active Torrence 15 MAD 15

Current port 30404

3. No (ithink so)

4. I dont Know how to do it

5. I dont Know how to do it

Can you teach me please?

Thank you very much

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The troubleshooting guide LINK I posted...you just click on it and follow the step-by-step instructions it gives.

More than likely, you need to re-run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose xx/512k or slower. Speed Guide sets µTorrent's settings based on your UPLOAD speed. Your download speed may be 10+ megabits/sec, but your upload speed is probably 1/2 megabit/sec (which is 512 kilobits/sec) or less.

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in troubleshooting i did:

1. Tested my speed connecction: 2.667 Mbyts/s

2. In Options-speed guide in connection type i put xx/2Mbyts, and enter in Selected settings

3. I : open: Options > Preferences > Connection and put your result in the "Global maximum upload speed rate" box. I put in the box 266

4. I open: Options > Preferences > Connection, check "Add µTorrent to Windows Firewall." I didt

5. In protocol Encryption i enable.

And the speed is the same.

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sesmis7, xx/2Mbit settings in the spped guide mean you have 2mbit UPload, not download. Again, UPLOAD. I imagine you most likely have a 2mbit down/384k up line (or something similar).

So you should use the xx/384k or xx/512k settings in the speed guide (like switeck suggested).

And what is your ISP (internet service provider)?

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