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uTorrent seems to disable internet access


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Hey, been using uTorrent for a while now, with no problems. have my laptop (integrated NIC) and my PS3 connected via ethernet cable to my Belkin F5D7632-4 router with built in ADSL modem.

When i open uTorrent and begin downloading, it seems to disable all other access to the internet via Firefox, IE, or anything for that matter!! It even effects the PS3 when i turn it on, giving me DNS errors and logging out of PSN etc.

Im pretty sure that either uTorrent or my router itself is to blame, i increased the max connections in XP to 200 and net.max_halfopen to 100 as i read somewhere on this forum, but still of no use? The only solution i seem to find is rebooting the router, and utorrent and internet access use simultaneously works again!

Anyone got any ideas as it is a bit of a pain?

If it turns out to be my router, can someone advise me on the best replacement with built in modem, or a similar setup??

many thanks in advance

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