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1.7.5: Missing already complete pieces starting in skipped files?


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Great program.

Not sure if this is strictly a bug or an interesting result of mixing with azureus and skipped files, but I'll report it anyway and let you decide.

When moving to utorrent 1.7.5 from azureus, and adding the already downloaded torrents, utorrent did not recognize that some pieces where already done under the following conditions:

1. Added a torrent where the files I wanted was finished

2. While utorrent was checking it I set the other files to skip

3. Now the (finished) pieces that started in the "skip" files continuing into the non-"skip" files where not checked.

4. Those pieces were not marked as done, and downloaded again.

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Because pieces that are shared between a skipped and unskipped file need to be redownloaded, as µTorrent needs the entire piece to verify if it's good. If the file is skipped, it's treated as if the file doesn't exist at all, so therefore, part of that shared piece is missing.

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