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recovering incomplete files


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Hi, I've read a FAQ & tried the seach button (maybe not well enough) and would like help recovering several torrent files. Somehow my files reset to 0.0% done. I "opened the containing folder" and the save dirrectory is in the same place (external hard drive). Is there anything I can do? I was so close to being done on several very large files..

Utorrent still shows the amount I've downloaded, uploaded & share ratio sence initiating the download. One 700meg file shows I've downloaded 750 megs for 3 days with an upload of 510 megs, but only 1.6% done... That makes me feel like I've got to be able to do somthing!!!

I've tried the Right click, Advanced>Set Download Location, but its Grayed out..

EDIT: After alot of searching I found that stoping all of my files I could Force Re-Check these Torrents and they would get recoverd. It's takeing a good amount of time to recover the files, but thats ok.. It's better then starting over..

Thanks for the forums and the search button!!

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