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Bittorrent Not downloading partial torrents


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Sorry if the tile is not clear, but it's hard to summarize this issue properly

the problem seemed to start with he 1.7.4 client

It has been very hard for me to track down as the problem does not occur with all torrents, however, even when I made the torrent myself, using the same software/settings/files etc. each time, the problem still occurs intermittently.

When grabbing a torrent, and selecting only some of the files in the torrent download. Uttorrent will occasional download nothing.

It will say that files "x, y, & z" are complete, even if I stop the torrent and do a forced recheck

But upon looking in the folder, I see only the .DAT file, and nothing else.

If I delete said .DAT file, the "completed" files go back to zero.

This has happened a lot lately.

I've tried turning on pre-allocate files, in he hopes that might help ,but it did not.

I'm now at a total loss. any help would be appreciated

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