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Uploaded more than downloaded


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Hey it would seem i have uploaded much more than i have downloaded on a particular file, also it is telling me i have uploaded more the the full download file size!

Does this mean i have been hacked and am uploading other files?

exaple: Name Size Downloaded Uploaded wasted(0)hashfails

XXXXXXX 3.34gb 2.24gb 4.31gb 252mb

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It's best to have upload speed set below your connection's max capacity.

That's what Speed Guide (CTRL+G) tries to do for you.

I have 384 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth, so my usable maximum upload speed is below the theoretical max of 48 KiloBYTES/sec. (384 /8 bits per byte)

Recommended upload speed for my connection is no higher than 80% theoretical max, which is 38 KiloBYTES/sec. I've got mine set as high as 43 KiloBYTES/sec with only minor slowdowns...but have µTorrent lower upload speed as far as 35 KiloBYTES/sec while downloading. I manually lower to that amount if doing other things with my connection that requires more upload speed.

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