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Local peers on multi-subnet LAN are not detected as local


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I'm have a unique network setup. There are two subnets, 10.0.0.* and 10.0.5.*, both with their own independent internet connection. I would like to run uTorrent on a machine from each subnet, effectively doubling the download rate.

I'm having several problems, though. uTorrent is not automatically detecting the peers as local. I attribute this to both machines being on different subnets. To work around this, I am manually adding the machines as peers. After several tries, they eventually show up each others' peer lists.

Unfortunately, while the machines will show up for a little bit, they do not transfer much data. Maybe a chunk or two, and then they are each dropped from each others' peer list until manually readded. The downloads never quite sync up, as a result. Neither machine is given the L in the flags list. Instead it's just "ud E".

So, what am I doing wrong? Is there any way to let uTorrent know that a peer is local, even if he's on a different subnet? Why do my machines hate each other?

Thanks in advance,


BTW, I am running version 1.7.5 on both machines.

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