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'File Check' - But everything was ok.. You'll soon understand.


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Maybe General? I don't belive this is quite a Troubleshooter item.


I have my Download target on USB Drives. There are times - several times - when I go to run uTorrent, and forget to turn on the targeted drive. This causes ..LONG.. file checks. At least they can be quite long. :)

This is not the same issue that I have noticed others having with irregular stopping of uTorrent, or otherwise unscheduled stopping, or other resulting in uTorrent starting up with file checks.

With this in mind, (and something I have seen mentioned - sort of) some way to prevent Checking of Known GOOD files?

Sometimes when I turn the drive on (AFTER running uTorrent), uTorrent will work without 'file check' (so far this was just when another resource had near everything else in limbo; momentarily, which saved recheck of several gigs.) Usuaully, I am stuck waiting for files I know are ok - I just forgot to turn on the drive before launching uTorrent.

Perhaps something for when External drives are used?

(perhaps to Features to Include?)


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