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Why does uTorrent cause all network traffic on my machine to slow to a


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I've heavily tested this and what is happening is that whenever I use uTorrent on my main computer, all networking traffic (on that computer only) slows to a crawl.

Even if I tell uTorrent to limit my uploads/downloads to 10 KB/s (and I have a 3000/768 connection), it still causes the same problem.

I've limited my global connection count to 150 and maximum connections per torrent to 50 (inside uTorrent, my router has 2096 maximum connections but the router is not involved in this issue...)

The problem still exists.

I know the network traffic is only slowed on the uTorrent machine because my laptop can access the internet blazing fast regardless of the uTorrent machine.

The uTorrent machine is running Windows XP SP2 in case that matters.

Thanks for any help!

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