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The fix for slow UL for Rogers Cable


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They dropped a crapola traffic-shaping box that turns your ul to 0.

The fix (for now) is to use port 1720 in utorrent and make sure that 1720 is also open on your router if you're using one.

Presto, from 0 to normal again.

1720 is the port they're using for VOIP. Ports used by Xbox Live, etc. may also work. Basically it seems as if to adapt to this bullshit one will have to make note of ports used by 'commercial' services, and possibly use header encryption too.

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Apparently 1720 is also used by Microsoft Netmeeting..

I'm currently in Ottawa, but this problem is affecting a ton of people.. switching to 1720 usually fixes it for most people on Rogers. If it was my computer I would cancel Rogers. They were good when they were @home, but ever since @home went out of business, the quality of service by the cablecos has hit rock bottom. I've been loving DSL for years.

Magnus: Utorrent doesn't have the option for header encryption. As traffic shaping becomes more common, it will become necessary for clients to adopt it, or switch to tricks like tunneling BT data through xbox live packets or something.

Rogers claims there is a bug and that they've escalated the issue with their p-cube box to Cisco cuz it's preventing people from itunes from being able to buy music.

Traffic shaping is here! Tell all your friends on Rogers about it.

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Encryption is basicly going to be a must shortly for bittorents.

More and more providers are blocking or throttling torrents and killing your speed.

Using bicomet for most right now lets you turn on encryption and bypass the isp's game.

Now the bitcomet version is not great but it works which is why alot of people still use it and with azureus working on a much more robust version the isp's should be very pissed off.

For those who aregue that encryption is easly seen there correct and wrong at the same time.

So they can see it and in theory they can break it to see what it is, there is just a huge problem with that thinking.

It takes major power and time depending on the encryption to do this and is unrealistic to even think of for a isp.

Being unable to see what the data is they can't filter it unless they filer every encryption type and they would very quickly go out of bussenss.

So it should be interesting to see what the utorrent crew does as this isn't a maybe its a must for todays isp's.

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I'm with Rogers, and switched to port 1720 bout a week ago. Hope this lasts as I'm back to normal!

P.S. They dropped and sold their newgroups to Giganews. Think we get a reduction in our monthly billing?

Think I gotta go to DSL.


"Being unable to see what the data is they can't filter it unless they filer every encryption type and they would very quickly go out of bussenss." Well wait till Bush and his cronies, the CIA etc. put their mits into mega data with Bushes Nixon tactics!.

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I've got roggers in toronto. I am preetty suprised with the speed ( in a bad way) Normally it supposed to download with about a speed 5Mbit/s. Now the best what I have is 2 Mbit/s. When i started up my torrent client it reached maximum speed for about one minute and then it is going down. I tried with a port 1720 instead of 49160 which i was using earlier but now it is even worst. I don't know what is all about. If we are buying a service for example 6Mbit/s and we are paying for that - we supposed to get this no matter what are we using - bittorrents or only websites. It really pisses me off.

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